We provide a high-end creative space designed to allow musicians to create high-fidelity sound recordings.

The Samurai Hotel allows for live tracking large ensembles with excellent sight lines and isolation. The main live room with 19’ vaulted ceilings and non-perpendicular walls, two large iso boothes and two small vocal/amp booths offers a lot of options for various setups with or without isolation.

Our 1929 Steinway D concert grand piano has been recognized by top pianists as the best in NYC for classical and Jazz sessions. We also have a Fender Rhodes,Hammond B3 Organ, and four drumset’s to choose all in pristine condition.

The Samurai Hotel offers a large selection of vintage and new microphoes, many vacuum tube, and many ribbon. We also utilize API summing coupled with Neve, API,Manley, Chandler, Millenia and AEA microphone preamps to provide plenty of color options for record tracking.